Those who would trade freedom for security deserve neither freedom nor security.

--Benjamin Franklin

BenderX will be playing their biggest show since the elder care summit in '92 in Key West when they saddle up for Nikstock. Come join us on Saturday, June 18th in the Lake George area for a festival featuring something like 100 bands and we're hoping at least 100 fans! We go on either right before or right after a bikini contest. Seems pretty apripos as we got our start playing a show following our singer winning a wet t-shirt contest (in complete Smegma T-Shirt ).

We'll have lots more stuff in the coming months as we're embarking on the third leg of the second arm of the head passage we've made through this crazy trip.
- Click headlines for articles - Ah dude!... seriously now.... Some Scary, Scary Shit... and I'm not talking about the flu part... Old wind-bag tells it like is. Bush recruits new justice... from the DEAD?!! Senator Kennedy and friends resort to eating taxpayer dollars to stay alive! And the nominees for the "Dan Quayle Award" are... Worst U.S. Disaster EVER?! It's good to be the king... of a crappy African nation. People are retarded... Does the Bush Administration Take Its Job Seriously? Getting shot at and facing death on a regular basis can lead to stress related disorders Legalization of Silicone Breast Implants -- Something we can all support. Army stresses concern for equal rights of older citizens > > >