The songs from "Hooks"

So here you can download every song off our CD. This may seem like poor business, seeing as on some of the other pages we're trying to pawn off " Hooks" for $6. But the reality is, even if you're satifsifed with these lesser sounding MP3's, and opt not to pay us the $6 for the far superior, real CD... when all is said in done, you'll have served us... just as you always have...
American Beer - 3.30 MB

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Sell Out - 3.04 MBlyrics
Hobo Love - 2.31 MBlyrics
Yankees Suck! - 1.75 MB
Check out the pictures from the WFNX Yankees Suck party at Bill's Bar. (girls in bikinis!!!)

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Soccer Mom - 2.98 MBlyrics
Occam's Disposable Razor (ODR) - 2.55 MBlyrics
Duncan's Song - 3.39 MBlyrics

Other Stuff

You can now hear "Yankees Suck" on XM Satallite radio's punk station Fungus 53. Visit the site and put in a request... you don't even have to own XM radio to do it.

KNBR Sports Radio - San Francisco, CA - 3.05 MB
Scott doing an interview on the John London Morning Show - Aug 7, 2002

Places we might have been played at one time

Tufts radio - WMFO
Stephanie Marino's ALL LOCAL show, Sat early from 3am to 5am
WFMU - New Jersey
Bill Kelley's Black Hole of Rock 'N Roll, Sundays from 3pm to 5pm
Places that don't need our help with traffic